What is this thing?

From Mexico. Anyone know what the thing with the helmet is, or why it’s put together with so many different materials??

Looks to be an alarm of some sort???

Some sort of electrically operated pressure relief valve?

Looks like a blower for a pool or spa…

I have seen solenoid valves that looked like that with the helmut as you call it. It is to allow the heat from the coil to disapate. The answer lies on the back side of the line does the pipe turn a 90 back into the wall or is that thing a ma giggy on a dead end line can not tell from afar;-)

I’ve seen dozens of these devices for outdoor spas. This looks exactly like the old-school blowers used to provide bubbles to the spa. The “helmet” is the intake.

It’s certainly possible that I’m wrong, but I’d be willing to bet that I’m not :smiley:

I don’t don’t bet with you buddy:p:D

winner, winner, chicken dinner!
not takin’ side either ;~))

That was my thought

With Jeff, an air blower for the tub on the other side of the wall

Its not a blower motor, some type of solenoid or other contraption, Kenton showed it to me when I was in Colorado, I’ve never seen anything like it either.

I believe Kenton said every home has one connected to the service panel.

I say blower motor to a spa

Is it connected to DWV? That shroud @ top looks like intake to a blower… wasn’t it labeled on the deadfront? :smiley:

Just did an inspection about a week ago, same device, was at the pool equipment, it is the blower for a spa on older pool/spa equipment.

Jason Dodson
Dodson Inspections

None of these homes had Spas…it has nothing to do with pool equipment, although it looks like it would.

There was a pool… but the other house I inspected had one, but no pool.

I’m headed back to Cuernavaca for 2 1/2 months to write inspection courses for Mexico, leaving June 2nd. At some point I’ll find out and will post.