What is wrong here

The attached picture is of a roof truss system installed in the Wind Borne Derbies Zone (130mph) of SE Florida. Do you see any problems? Forget the radiant barrier

Mark, that is a very confusing picture.
It looks like a truss with a piggy back truss on it and then sistered with what looks like a 2x8 common rafter.
What are we looking at?:slight_smile:

I must agree with Marcel. The ridge board is covered with foil I would suspect. Not sure if this is a good idea according to no heat dissipation at the ridge.
Truss plate is not the size needed for 2x8 common rafter.

Page 10 shows the installation of the Piggyback truss.

And Mark, still confused as to what looks like a sister next to those trusses.:slight_smile:

I don’t know if you notice this Marcel but I think the one he has on this thread is on page 3.

I was pointing out the proper recommended one. :slight_smile:

I got that message!
We will have to wait on this one until Mark comes back. Remember we all have an extra hour tonight.

Sorry guys had too break last night to watch the Alabama-LSU game. The picture is as most thought a piggy back truss condition. The missing ingredient is an uplift connection between the bottom cord of the piggy back and the top cord of the carrier.
I realize the picture is kind of crappy but if you look at the trusses in the background you can see the required plywood gussets. As a general industry standard in this neck of the woods plywood gussets on both faces two feet o.c. with 4 nails top and bottom

Thanks for that info. So the truss plate is too small but makes no bearing on this piggy back because of the tie in with plywood gussets. It was hard to see but after blowing it up to full size you can see them in the back ground and not in the for ground. Good call on that one.