What is your method for inspecting HVAC zone-controllers?

Although my understanding is that the Texas SOP relieves me of the responsibility to inspect zone controllers, inconsistencies in heating & cooling is by far one of the biggest complaints I hear at the beginning of warranty inspections when I ask “do you have any questions or concerns that you’ve noticed over the past 11 months?”.

So I would like to know more about inspecting zoning controllers. Do you have a specific routine for verifying proper operation?

One zone at a time. I shut down all zones (set t-stat to off or raise/lower temp) then operate one t-stat at a time. It either responds or it does not.


Gotcha, thank you. I figured that was the general idea but wasn’t sure if I was oversimplifying or missing something to check.

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It takes extra time but necessary in my opinion. As you stated, heating/cooling complaints are at the top of the list. I recently performed a new home inspection in which the downstairs t-stat and the upstairs t-stats were inverted. Down controlled up and up controlled down. I don’t care what the SoP says, the customer would have been upset.


Yep, I just did a warranty inspection with the same situation that I didn’t pick up on during the initial. They had it corrected before I returned for the warranty, but I want to catch that in the future

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Yes, a real time sink for sure.
In some homes, multiple HVAC units and each one might have several t-stats and zones controllers.

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Great idea!
Adjust where you are going to be, an hour in advance of going there, so it’s just what you want when you get there!