What Melted this Vinyl Siding?

“Egg-cellant” documentation. :smiley:

Thanks for all of the information everybody. I clicked on the link and you are right, it does look like the same place as my property…down to the color or the vinyl siding.

I have inspected a lot of properties w/ vinyl siding and I have never seen anything like this.

If it was just on the chimney siding that would be one thing, but being under the electrical power box is crazy.

What would you suggest for the owners to do? Replace the siding and hope it doesn’t do it again?

I will suggest they have the chimney professionally inspected and cleaned. Other than that what?

Thanks in advance for any more ideas and information. I can always count on NACHI members when in a bind.


This home does face North East

Most all thermo windows now have low-e glass. Reflected heat and UV rays has to go somewhere. I have seen faded paint/stucco and cracking on high heat areas of homes. Watch for all heat related defects of all types of siding due to the newer windows and under-siding reflective and insulating materials. It’s the Al Gore syndrome.

The Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards is finally warning homeowners that under circumstances energy efficient windows can melt vinyl siding.