Siding Opinions

OK so I did an inspection this past Sunday. The house was built in 2005 and pretty decent condition with only a few concerns. OK anyway there is a door off the kitchen that leads to a deck. The door trim is in rough shape (typical). The client asked me about a few slight vinyl siding 'buckles, bends, folds" whatever you want to call them. The interior walls are dry with no moisture issues, and the siding really is not that bad. They are all in line starting at the 1st course above the door and going upward from there. What do you think ?


Was there a window above that might reflect sunlight onto it? Looks like melting from solar heat.

There are a bunch of windows in the rear of the house as well as neighbors. It is a decent size house approx 4800 sq ft.

Yep, solar reflection.

and more,

Glass Solar Reflectance and Vinyl Siding

Don’t rule out that BBQ in the 4th picture!

Thanks gang, I said exactly the same. Told them possible BBQ or solar reflection.


So true. I had that happen at a nice rental house I owned, new siding, new deck. I forgot to install common sense. :slight_smile: