What to do What to do

Had a repo this morning typical stuff nothing works???

Batterys dead in the Stat do I jumper the wires No its easier to change the batterys. I try to carry extra batterys just for this reason. Gas package unit 1995 A/C operated but not cooling the heat was dead no burners:D Now I know what to put in my report no guessing

I do the same thing.

Yeah, yeah but how was the roof??? :twisted:

One leaking roof jack and a couple of nail pops 10 to 12 years of remaining life good to go:p:D

Why was there a jack on the roof?

Jacks are just like me ya cain’t keep them off the roof;-):stuck_out_tongue:

Why are we talking about roofs in the HVAC thread:shock:

Ah. never heard that called a jack before

Ya really need to get out more:D:p

Cuz you’re Mr. Roof Climber! :wink: