What Type of Mold is This

Can anyone tell me if this black mold?
My daughter touched the wall around her through the wall mini split air unit and the surface crumbled revealing this beneath.

It’s moldy. Could be stachybotrys, the evil black mold.
It could be multiple ones competing in the same area.
Who cares it’s mold it’s gotta go. **Possible hidden damage may exist.
Although I guess I understand you, what you said is a little screwy. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for responding. Although I don’t understand how the last part of your comment is helpful.
Nevertheless, thanks for responding.

Can’t know until you get a swabbed culture report/result back from lab… Mold is both a fungus and a symptom. Whatever caused it has to be addressed or it’s taking up sho for the long haul…

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Work on your syntax skills and/or place more thought in what you want to say.
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Again, thank you . I will pass this information on.
Thank you for being professional.

Looks like a mold to me.

I’d bet the entire wall from the mini split down has rotted and full of mold.
Find the moisture entry point.

As others mentioned, you do not know what type of mold without testing. All molds are allergens (although not everyone shows allergic reactions) and some can produce mycotoxins.

That said, follow the www.EPA.gov/mold guidelines. Basically, find out the source(s) of high moisture and fix that. Any items porous with mold like growth should be properly removed and remaining surfaces cleaned/dried.

Per EPA, if <10 sqft area, this can be safely done by DIY methods of cleaning.
If >10sqft EPA recommend professional mold remediation to prevent spreading of spores.:nauseated_face:

Even when cleaning small areas of mold that are DIY depending on your own tolerance to mold, you may want to wear proper facemask respirator and rubber gloves.

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It isn’t possible to know from a photo. You will have to wait for the lab results.