What's the best type of gutter?

I need new gutters on my home.

Do the “leaf guard” types really work in a pouring rain? What do you recommend?

I like half round with round downspouts.

I want maintenance free. Don’t want to have to clean leaves out of them.

Cut down the trees.

Joe, are you in leaf territory or needle territory?

i find the leaf guard over shoots during heavy rain, i feel if people would install larger gutters with large down spouts likey would cut down on stop ups . yes trim the trees away from the home. lol

Leafguard like Gutter Helmet and several others have a solid surface. Then there are the ones with screen or slits in them. The solid ones will get debris in the gutter and under heavy rain there is the possibility that the water shoots off the guard and does not go into the gutter. That over shooting has been a complaint for over 35 years. The slit and screen covers will clog . Maple seed is a real problem with all types.

Typically the gutter installer will enlarge the drop/downspout from 2x3 to 3x4. This will help the debris not clog at the drain outlet of a K5.

Roof slope will make a big difference on the cover type you choose. As are the types of trees involved.

Then there is the question of having the cover built into the gutter like Leafguard. Therefore replacing the roof does not alter the cover. The type that are added onto the gutter like Gutter Helmet are more susceptible to damage from a reroofing where the cover is removed/lifted and reinstalled.

I tend to lean toward the solid covers.

gutter helmet.

Gutter sponge

Agree with Bruce!

Not a fan of the gutter sponge myself. Mine clogged up after two years with dirt and debris. I ended up pulling them out altogether. Now I just use these and they work well. The flat ones seem to get leaves caught on them but the domed ones are far better.

There are no true gutter solutions, despite what most gutter related companies advertise. Solid gutter covers cause over-run, and cause mud to form in the gutters, much like a river needs dredged. Dirt collects over time from the roof, and settles in the bottom of the gutter. Then, removal of the solid gutter covers is required. Most all never get installed properly, and leave the shingle tab splits exposed, which cause rain water to run under the top gutter cover edges.

I have rental units, and 5 inch aluminum gutters are best, with heavy gutter top screens. You can purchase the proper gutter screens in 3 foot sections at hardware stores.

I have tired them all, from the gutter-stuff to solid covers. Remember, gutter installers want you to call them again for repairs in the future, so proper first time installation is the number one concern. Kick-out flashings, top inside corner extensions to catch valley run-off, downspout size/holes, all are critical.