where credit is due

At the end of the latest educational/inspection video, we give thanks to those who provided help.

Thank you.

** We need your input** for future educational videos. What do you want to watch on NACHI.tv? What do you want to learn? It’s all driven by you all.


seems like many myself included feel weak in HVAC

Would you be interested in watching say… a HVAC master open up a boiler and explain everything?

I’ll do it for you.


My name is there…for…?


dude, i can’t remember. all i know is that i wrote your name down as a source of info (answerer to questions or provider of pictures or responder to a post)

i think there are 12 inspectors listed in the inspection video.


I would like to see one on HVAC as well. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding as well as things being taught in the HI schools that run contrary to what is taught say at HVAC schools. I am not talking so much about troubleshooting as the HI should NOT be doing that, but more along the lines of how the various systems work. Just the fundimentals of the process, how to properly inspect, dispell some of the bogus rules of thumbs, identify the varous components of the different systems so someone just out of HI school can properly identify a Heat pump versus a standard AC. What a Packaged terminal unit is. Show some of the items that could greatly effect the performance and potentially come back and bite the inspector for not at least reporting it. It only takes a couple of extra minutes or seconds to observe a nasty, clogged up evap coil and may save the client several hundreds of dollars on a cleaning/services call. The proper way to inspect an HVAC unit; what needs to be looked and reported on versus a lot of useless information. The importance of a proper ductwork system and the inspector can expect to see out in the real world. I’m sure there are others that can add to this lists. Oh yeah! and how to read the frigging data tags so people can determine the ages and capacity of a unit. That only comes up about 4 times a day on the BB.