Who hasn't won anything yet?

But has tried repeatedly?

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I’ve been hard at work😋

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So David, you haven’t won anything yet?

Nothing yet

i won 1 item …my husband who is a CMI got locked out and didnt win anything

Well then David, since you replied first and haven’t won anything yet…

You win a $700 IR camera: https://inspectoroutlet.com/products/flir-c3?_pos=1&_sid=6b3d08192&_ss=r


Now make a donation to www.CozyCoatsforKids.org for me please.

And Merry Christmas.

Seriously? That’s beyond awesome! Thank you!

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This is so awesome! Congrats David!

Patience is a virtue!

Seriously, David.

It’s a C3: https://inspectoroutlet.com/products/flir-c3

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Will do. Absolutely a wonderful use of donations!

congrats …awesome win

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Congratulations David!

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Now I can go to sleep. But, now I can’t.


LOL. We’ll ship it to you on Friday.

Quick @dmattoon, go take your Certified Infrared class!


Donation has been made. Thanks, Nick!

I also put a link to Cozy Coats for Kids on my Facebook page, Forward Home Inspections. Hopefully, we can drum up some more donations.