Wide gaps in outside deck railing

Hello, I find a lot of wide gaps in outside deck railing ( 4/5 inches and above ), ( older homes ) Is this something homeowners have to change or something I have to mention as a safety issue? Either way the realtor and home seller don’t like it much.
1 more question: Hot water heater temp. relief valve routed to crawlspace. Is this standard pactice? Is this something I need to call out?

I write it up to CRA Cover Roy’s A$$.

Saftey issue spindle gap to wide Repair or replace immediatly.
Gap shoul be 4 inches .
I then explain that little peoples body can go through the gap and their head can not and the child can end up hanging by their head.
If they do not fix it I am covered .
Not my job to say who it should be fixed by ,I expect most never get fixed .

TPR to crawl space is not a good thing how would the home owner know it was leaking
Roy Cooke

If the deck is over 30" from surrounding surface it may be a safety issue. However older codes allowed a 6" gap. The relevant issue is how high is the deck. What you may want to do in the future is mention, due to statistics the codes have been changed to require no more than a 4" gap between pickets. However if it is an older structure “I would not make it an issue”. I do not feel that it is the Home Inspectors place to require corrections that meet / or met code requirements at the time the structure was built. It is the home Inspectors position to point out relative information that has come to light but you are treading on thin ice to require something that is not enforcible.

What my reports say:

“The guardrail balusters do not conform to current standards. The pickets should be spaced no more than four inches apart for child safety, and you may wish to have them brought into compliance.”

“The discharge pipe from the pressure relief valve should be plumbed to the exterior and terminate no more than twenty-four inches above grade and no closer than six inches to it.”

If the Realtors and owners don’t like it, they don’t have to agree to it.

One thing to remember is we are not code inspectors. But if the gap is more than 4" and the deck is over 30" off the ground I write it up as a safety issue. I recommend repair not require it.

Sorry if the deck is ready to fall down I do not recommend repair .

I tell it as I see it Hazard immediate repair or replacement the same with spindle gaps .
If they do not do it and a kid or some one else is hurt I have done my job
I still believe in CRA all the way.
Same as gas leaks or open junction boxes with bare wires .

I do not quote code or even mention code . Roy Cooke

Yes to what Roy said.

WhatI was trying to say is I reccommend not require and yes repair or replace.