Will I get all wet?

In-person training Advanced Pool Inspection & Certification :man_swimming:

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Way to go, Ken! :+1:

That is awesome, Ken.
Do you train people from other states (SC, TN, VA)?

Bert, we’re mainly focused on North Carolina and are trying to provide the in-person training experience for the NC Inspector Community. However, many of the topics are applicable to inspectors in other states and are welcome to attend if they are willing to travel.

We’re focusing on the in-person experience as we feel that it provides that personal connection and social interaction that on-line training can’t. Plus there are already a lot of organizations like InterNACHI that have a catalog of on-line training that’s already available and meeting the on-line training needs.

Our goal is not be be the expert but to search out and bring in the experts and connect them with the local home inspectors and build the Inspector Community.

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The inspectors who took the plunge and were willing to dive into our Advanced Pool Inspection & Certification Training course.