Win Big! InterNACHI's Thanksgiving Day Football Contest.

Pick all 3 winners of the three games being played on Thanksgiving Day and win a pile of great stuff from

No limit to the number of winners. Your post must be made before the Patriots vs. Lions game begins.

Simply pick the winner from each of these games:

  • Patriots at Lions
  • Saints at Cowboys
  • Bengals at Jets

Good luck!

Lions, Cowboys, Bengals.

Lions Saints Bengals

Lions Saints Jets

BTW: My picks are the 3 underdogs according to the Vegas line.

Patriots, Saints, Jets

If you randomly pick 3 teams you have a 1 in 8 chance of winning: 1 divided by 2 to the 3rd power.

patriots saints bengals


Patriots, Cowboys, Jets

Patriots , Saints , Jets.

Patriots, Saints, Bengals


Patriots, Saints, Jets

Patriots, Saints, Jets

patriots, saints, jets

Pats, Saints, Jets

Patriots, Saints, Jets.

Patriots, Cowboys, Jets

Patriots, Saints, Jets

  • Patriots
  • Saints
  • Jets