Win Big! InterNACHI's Thursday Night Football (December 16, 2010) contest.

sd by 10

San Diego by 7

Chargers by 3

San Digeo by 17

SF 3

San Diego by 7.

Chargers by 7

Chargers by 13

Chargers by 14

San Diego by 10

chargers by 10

San Diego by 14.

San Diego by 7

SD by 3

Chargers by3

wow…too late…I was lookin in the wrong thread…anyway chargers by 9

Halftime 17 -0 chargers. can we stop the game now?

Fine with me:)

Gee. I guess that be me… :mrgreen:

Thanks for everything Nick.

Crystal Ball Mr. S?

Care to rent it ? Good one by the way!!!