Win Big! This week's (Nov 22) MNF contest just got easier to win.

Post the winner (Denver or San Diego) of Monday night’s (November 22, 2010) game and the points scored by the winning team, and you win…

You don’t have to be the first to guess correctly… the first 25 members who guess correctly each win the entire package above.
You don’t have to guess the losing team’s score at all.

With a little help from the National Archive of Football Data 2009… here is a tip: The most common final scores in NFL games:

  • 20-17
  • 17-14
  • 27-24
  • 13-10
  • 24-17

Also, the line at the time of this post is:

  • San Diego by 8 with a total score of 50.5.

Good Luck!

Denver 28.

Denver 37

Denver 28

denver 27

San Diego…24

San Diego …27

Denver 21

Denver 18

San Diego 24

Denver 17

denver 24

San Diego 30

Sd 31

Sorry Nick,

Chargers 35

San Diego 28

San Diego 34

Chargers - 31

Hey Nick,
Next Sunday is the CFL’s Grey Cup game … Saskatchewan vs Montreal…hope you can have a contest for us Canadians…(or anyone else that follows CFL)

San Diego 31