Wind Mitigation in Condo

I had an HOA contact me about a Condo unit. I havent been to the property yet. The units are two floors, upper level is 4 different residents, there is also detached garages with 4 separate stalls. The HOA contact states there is firewall between the units of garage and the units. Question is will I need to write a separate wind mitigation report for each unit and each garage? Or can I write one report for each building?

When I work for an HOA or Condo Association I complete the form based on the building. I do more roof certs than wind mits. In my experience, wind mits are usually completed by a general contractor at the time the roof is replaced and doesn’t include opening protection (it’s always marked ‘X’)

On the flip side, I do individual wind mits for unit owners all the time that have upgraded their windows and doors for hurricane protection.


When doing wind mits for an HOA, you are doing the entire building not individual units. Each individual building ( garages, clubhouse, guard shack, etc) gets a seperate report. As previously stated, opening protection is excluded as you would not have access to each individual unit and the owners are responsible for their individual opening protection. The only time that this would not be the case is on buildings that have been built after 2004 and were required to have opening protection at the time of construction.

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Would you still use form 1820? would you write the openings the same as an individual home? How would you bill condos?

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The 1802 form is used for all buildings up to 3 stories. Anything 4 stories or more needs a type II OR III wind mit form that CAN NOT be filled out by home inspectors. You can provide a wind mitigation for an individual unit in buildings over 3 stories, just not for the entire building. You would normally exclude opening protection unless it was required at the time of construction. In that case you would just fill it out normally and may need access to a few units in order to obtain the proper documentation or information from the builder. I bill the property management company just like any other client. I put in the invoice that the reports will be sent once completed and unlocked once payment is received. This usually motivates them to get the payment processed faster.

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