Window seals

Just curious here

I was initially asked what direction the windows were facing. My windows were facing South. Other inspectors have stated that they have found the same problem of South facing windows.
It has been mentioned that this is a manufacturers defect.

Is the South facing direction conductive of the defect or is this just a coincidental observation?

Here in Phoenix, it is the Heat, plain and simple.

I had the issue at yesterdays condo.
Client is Broker for Bears players and view is appropriate.
East facing lake (Traco brand)

Management mentioned they had an extended warranty on these things due to the issues.

In my temperate climate area, it is mostly on south facing windows and sometimes on SE or SW facing units

Everyone is point to the windows direction.
I would ask 2 questions
> 1 who’s the manufacture of this windows and try to get some fact to that product.
There must be complainants towards that specific-pain and articles out there.
>2 There inherent flaws with that type of insulation process ,mounting , seal break etc.

Exactly what I was thinking. Vinyl windows like this that are meant for installation in one manner or another, usually have weep holes in the correct location.

In this case, if the window is actually meant for a vertical double hung, then the weep holes would be on the right side(the bottom). If it is actually meant for a horizontal installation, then the weep holes would be along the long end of the bottom.

An outside looking in shot would really help…

Very common defect… but not just the sagging seals. Pitting and bubbling are often more common than sag. Butyl was a poor choice for “seals” as it flows when warm and gets hard when cold. Prime for failure in a window application.

This has been documented or written about at least as far back as 1993.

Is this limited to one manufacturer or many have used this Butyl seal as install for there window product and all HI’S should take note .
I sure have.