Window seals

Todays inspection

House was build in 2001 most windows are wood casement windows.

The two windows in the basement appear to be a newer install that the original windows. both windows have the same issue and they are the only ones in the house like this.


Looks like excessive heat deformed the swiggle used to seal the glass.
Which direction are these windows facing.

Windows are facing South
There are no registars or duct work in the area.
There is a Natural Gas Fireplace on the floor above them.

This is the pic that I took of the Air Unit
The wall behind the unit is the Fireplace
on the left and right sides of the picture you can see the wells to the 2 windows.

Would you consider that the heat from this fireplace was enough to damage the windows
If so I would consider this a large issue, I would find it hard to believe this caused it
How would you comment on this in your report?

I see those are vinyl so consider manufacturers defect and possible water intrusion though no stains are visible did they just paint ?Just assume you checked for window well drains.and do you have an outside looking in view?

The other possibility is that because those windows were low and subjected to high levels of moisture from snow, rain and other precipitation, that the desiccant beads have expanded massively and that is what has distorted the strips so excessively. was the window condensation excessive also?

You really need to get these photos to the manufacturer, that will help get this figured out.

John -

I’ve had 2 incidents like this in the past 15 years / Both this year.

After carefully looking them over for about 7 minutes, I skilfully determined they were not functioning as intended (by examining the other windows in the homes), and recommended having a competent window specialist service and repair them as needed. Then I quickly moved on to other issues and never thought about it again.

Both houses were under 10 years of age.

You’re right about moving on. Determining cause is often not our job, although if we can, and we’re right, it makes us look like champs and gets us more work. Of course if we’re wrong, we look like dumpsters and we scratch at the floor and apologize and stand in the unemployment line.

I’m for identifying anything you’re confident about.

Kenton it may also be a clue to look for water intrusion possibly seeping in from the exterior window well or a lintel.
We do not know, but before moving on I would check very well at the exterior wall cover and well area, since in a sense we are all detectives here.You never know what might lead to a hidden issue.

The “detective” seems to vary a lot in inspectors. It’s often not “required” for us to determine the source of problems, since we’re supposed to not “be” specialists, but recommend them, but as an inspector’s skills improve at identifying the cause of problems, it’s difficult for him to refrain from excising those skills.

I am too, so… when you do move on hopefully you move a little smarter than the day before.

Same recommendation that I decided to give yesterday.

I do appreciate everyones input on this topic

The window appears to be a vertical window installed on the horizontal. Is that an approved install based on mfg installation instructions? Drainage may be an issue if not.

Kenton -

What I was saying is I find so many of our people wasting valuable time trying to do the electrician, foundation contractor, plumber, roofer, HVAC service technician OR … Others Job. **They try to do and be something they’re not. **Thats what makes so many of us look foolish.

WE are the initial CURSORY screening process 90% of the time. I’m at the football game and get a massive chest pain. I stumble up to the Aid Station / the NURSE takes a few readings AND tells me it looks like I’m having a heart attack AND calls for an ambulance to get me to the Hospital and in front of a LICENSED Cardioligist who diagnoses the cause, cure and gives me my options.

The NURSE most of the time has NO business trying to write the cure.

How many times do we see guys on this very site that 6 months ago were lets say computer programmers - took a home correspondence course in home inspection and are now on this site showing pictures of a little green widget / Asking everybody what it is / What it does / And then going back to the Buyer trying to tell them how to Repair / Replace OR ??? Something they have NO EARTHLY KNOWLEDGE of.

Be professional AND do a home inspectors job - **DED - **Determine there’s a potentially significant problem / Evaluate if it needs a specialist / DIRECT it to the right trade.

Dan if we all did what you suggest my referral rate percentage would not be continuing to increase as we would all be the same but yes we can all stick to strict SOP if comfortable there.
I for one will not underestimate others intelligence level based on forum questions as I have met enough guys so far to realize there is no correlation.

SOP does not even demand pictures and some guys do not provide them based on worry the pictures will show a defect they missed.
I went outside SOP today.(turned a shutoff)
One burner had a small gas leak associated with a defective knob and I pulled out the unit to turn off the gas.
(Laws are made to be broken):slight_smile: (empty and REO)

Just remember that when you do anything you explain it in detail ,and that is why checklist reports suck.

Looks like we may have same window manufacturer issue. This was a PGT, sliding sash, insulated window with a butyl spacer. Home built in 2005.

Its a matrix failure and fairly easy to fix.

This may be due to the low-e coating being placed on the glass. Some manufacturers have placed the coatings on two panes of glass causing higher reflectivity and higher temperatures.




That is a SWIGGLE strip spacer by Tremco. It is no longer manufactured due to longterm failure such as you found. I have seen failure in south facing windows since the mid 1990’s but not as severe as the above. The worst I’ve seen is a “bubbling” in the material but expansion like in the pics…!!!

Same problem with the transom window.

havenoak 040.jpg

I can blame myself of that very issue.
You have given me a proper view again and thank you for putting me straight
I think that people are practicing there skills and it helps them by performing a diagnostic evaluation for proff or questing the defects cause.
Hope that made sense…

Also common here in Tucson.

see it all the time here, usually on smaller south facing windows.

not being a CMI, i note it and move on