Window tiled over from the inside. What are consequences?

2013 home in Georgia. The home owner expanded their shower and completely tiled right over this window. There is no longer any visible access from the inside.

I am concerned maintenance or repair will be an issue. Any other thoughts?

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I suppose it could be removed and framed and sided over, if need be, all from the out side. :man_shrugging:


A bathroom generally requires either an operable window or a vent fan.

Moisture trapped between the tile and the window may have no way to dry out, leading to bad stuff. Not only that, the “dew point” on cold days might be right in that gap.


It’s just amazing they wouldn’t take the little bit of time to remove the window and seal up the opening properly. It can be done entirely from the outside but would have been much easier with access to both sides. That said, I’m with @bnesbitt, the moisture/condensation issue could be a concern.

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Agreed. Good point.

I see that from time to time. Makes you shake your head. Just point out the maintenance considerations. Trapped condensation, physical leakage. In the latter case you wouldn’t even be aware till serious wall damage occured.


LOL… I did the exact same thing on my own house a few years back. I just covered it with drywall though and knew I could always take it down easily if needed. I put faced insulation nicely in and looked from time to time and never saw any condensation. Just another project I always meant to get to…