Winterized properties


I dealt with almost the same situation last week. I had an investor called me from California to inspect a foreclosed home that had the electric, water, and gas turned off. I had to disclaim all things that used it and informed them in the report and verbally over the phone to make sure they turn them all on and test prior to closing. I did take a look at the all units though and reported any problems, but not tested. Good luck.

There’s no reason a HI can’t be the guy who turns the water on and off. If you choose not to be that guy, that’s a buisiness decision you’ve made. If you choose to take on that responsibility than fine, you also accept the added liability…all worked into your business plan of course.

We don’t like to turn down inspections so we winterize and de-winterize as required…for a fee.

Again, my 2 cents worth (I think i’m up to 4 cents in this thread) :slight_smile:


As I said before…Good Luck.

I never turn down inspections. I simply do the inspection anyways (Water or No Water), and disclaim the components that are inoperable and go back (for an additional fee) to inspect again. It’s not my fault the Listing broker failed to get the utilities turned “ON”. When the Listing Agent becomes brainless in getting the house De-winterized, it’s more money in my bank account.