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Is it against a policy or any arguement with it if for example i was working and water/radon/mold testing was requested, would i be able to hire someone else while i save for schooling as long as i list it is with another company, or is that against the rules?

Is there any rules to it if i do, and if so what are those?

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what kinda reply is that? instead it would be cool if you could fill me in with info i need… great thanks

Adam, in some states the ancillary services must be performed by a person licensed in that field. In which case, it is best to figure some way to include another to do them. Either have the client contact and schedule, or you may do it yourself as a courtesy to your client.

If your collecting a referral fee you are required to disclose it to your client. Other than that Book the job, coordinate with the ancillary service pro to do his inspection/testing at the same time.

i definitly know you need to be certified, which i will be eventrully, i just dont wanna be behind in the times while i learn so that why i asked… now from what i understand if i use another company and get a referal fee, all i have to do is let the client know, but does it have to be in the contract or just on the receipt?

You are going to have to check with whatever insurance company you decide to enroll with to see if you are covered for sub-contractors. Different licensed services require different information to be made available to your client and be prominantly displayed on any advertising you do for those services. Each service has thier own criteria here in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. You will need to set up a pretty solid relationship with anyone you will be hiring as a sub-contactor. People want an all-in-one company to do their inspections. You have to be prepared to take a lot of other courses, certification tests, and pay for a boat load of licenses in order to provide a service that clients will be willing to choose you over another company. You will find out really quick that you will loose inspection after inspection to someone that can do a complete home inspection, termite inspection, and radon test on a property all at the same time. The home inspection industry in Pennsylvania is a lot more than hanging a shingle outside your front door and calling yourself a home inspector on your answering machine. There are certain inevitables that you will have to deal with in order to compete for a clients business.


Pennsylvania requires licensing for Radon Testing / Mitigation. One must be licensed to advertise these services.

Philadelphia requires licensing of Home Inspectors. I believe the City of Philadelphia also requires a License for those offering Mold Inspections / Testing.

yea i know, thats the hardest part of getting setup right now, ill be the only one in the stoneage… i have funding, but not enough to play with so every next few steps have to be perfect. i just wanna keep up with the world as much as possible thats why i ask…

thanks alot guys

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This is where many are found in violation.

Advertising a Service that you are Not Licensed to perform…

§ 240.301. Advertising.

*A person may not advertise a radon-related service or product with false or misleading statements regarding the offered service or product, or the risks to health or property value. ***A person required to obtain certification may not advertise a service or product, unless the person has previously obtained a valid certification from the Department to perform that service or provide that product. **

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now say in the beginning i advertise (not being licesened) that i work w/ radon, mold, ect specialists dirctly, and not that i do these services? on all sources and not advertising that i alone do this, would that be then considered proper? and if it were written that way would i advertise i work with these people, or would i have to advertise that " i also work with john smith radon and mold restoration"?

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