XL Pro Gold Edition at a great NACHI member discount.

XL Pro Gold Edition
A Tradition of ExcellenceThe Industry’s best Home and Commercial Inspection Report System just got better with the redesigned XL Pro Gold Edition.
XL Pro Gold Edition features a brand new interface, command bar, advanced, Help Menu, improved photo insertion, new cover page and many other new and improved features. All XL Pro features are available from the intuitive command bar. If you do need a little help, the drop down XL Pro help menu is the most comprehensive ever. XL Pro Gold Edition also features a complete library of more than 7,000 comments and field descriptors more than 100 categories.
Was $695.00
(NACHI Member price $399)
FREE upgrade to XL Pro 7 when it is released in early 2007

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Sale ends December 31

True enough.

The name of this section is discounts for NACHI members.

The software company is offering this software for $100 less for NACHI members.

How is that posting garbage?

And I have not the vendor offering the discount.