Yeehan Homes

I just received an email from a prospective client purchasing a new home in Keller from Yeeha(n) Homes (the name has been changed to protect the guilty). Their latest adolescent ploy to avoid competent 3rd party inspections is to give the inspector a 1-hour window and have the project manager onsite during the inspection. Of course, since they must have someone onsite, they can only schedule the inspection on a time-available basis which means no advance notice. GMAFB!

Yeeha(n) Homes is just another piss ant Texas production builder like Decoupage Homes, First Dyslexic Homes, etc. ad infinitum. Anyone considering buying a home from these folks should call me first.

As for the 1-hour window and the hall monitor, no sweat. I have seen so many of these near-shacks over the years that I can nearly inspect them from the office and get a 98% accuracy rate. Regarding the intimidation tactic: I have been in the construction profession longer than Mr. Project Manager has been in underwear. Good luck with that.:smiley:

Bring along 5 of your inspection buddies and let the team totally nitpick the hell out if it! 60 minutes… no problemo!:wink:


I had one track home builder in Texas that would not allow me to inspect the house as it was being built. The buyer cancelled the contract!

And on the flip side of those builders (similar experiences from myself as well) … I been working a couple of phase to final projects for clients and both were contracted with the “K-Hxx” builder.

Project Manager for these two properties could not have been more helpful and went above and beyond in offering assistance and answering my questions and his and his team’s response to my findings were unlike what we typically see.

Almost have to think this PM was an anomaly.

Both anomalous and short-lived.

Do it on resale real estate as well.