York Age Convention doesn't work...

Newly installed brand new gas furnace

My cheat sheet says that the age convention on York HVAC systems is:

Year of make indicated by 3rd letter in the serial number.
The serial number is: W0A5480548

This only has 2 letters…

I’m thinking the 48th week of 2005.

Anyone care to confirm my assumption???

Are you positive about the first four digits? I’ve seen R and A look alike before, and R would be 2006. There are a lot of "48"s and "5"s there, aren’t there?

Looks like an ‘A’ to me. Here is a picture…


And if one compares the second digit of the serial number to the letter “O” in “Order,” it’s obvious that the second digit is the number “0,” so we have letter-number-letter-number.


Are you sure that is not the serial number to the coil pack, rather than the furnace?

Good point, Blaine.

Since 2005 models have a letter-number-letter-number configuration. (SN: W0E5195159)

W*=city of manufacture 0=third digit of year E=month 5=fourth digit of year*
(Wichita) 200-? May 2005


In this case it’s Witchita Jan 2005

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t…

Good idea though…


I’ll believe that Jae… Thanks!!

How did you know about this new serial number aging convention for York???


I believe Blaine is correct.

Most Furnace data tags are glued to the inside of the cabinet (not outside).

The tag you posted appears to be on the exterior lower portion of the evaporator cabinet. Which is a clear indication that this is the manufacturers info. for the Evaporator.

Did you look inside the cabinet?

This was inside the cabinet…right above the burner and right below the induced draft fan.