York Serial EFBM210830

Is this a 1972 model?

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Darn good question. ?

Yes, it would seem it is a 1972.

Here is a post from David Valley. :smiley:


Thanks David.

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#4 what and where?
I went to the link but am not sure where to look from there? Does this have a recall?

No, there is no recall that I know of.

I was just pointing out that my Google search for “york HVAC serial numbers” came up with Davids post at # 4.

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Use the link above to find your answer. :wink:

There are some recalls on York:



That particular link is not targeting York recalls…

Here ya go…


Your furnace is not on the recall list.

Thanks all.
How do you guys call out a furnace that is functional but beyond its life expectancy and what makes it past its life? I shoot for around 20 years.

Life expectancy has virtually nothing to do with anything here in my climate. I regularly find water heaters and furnaces from the '60s and '70s going strong, some looking like they were installed just a few years ago. It’s the current condition, maintenance, and efficiency that I tell my Clients about:

It currently looks and works well, but it could still fail tomorrow since it’s so old. Of course, new stuff can fail tomorrow, too.

Recommend annual service/maintenance inspection. If the sellers can’t prove through appropriate documentation or receipts that the water heater or furnace has been serviced/inspected within the last 12 months, recommend further evaluation by licensed plumber/heating and cooling professional.

Utility costs might be lower with a newer, more efficient water heater or furnace.

The furnaces here in the “eastern freezing zone” get a lot of wear & tear. Not as much wear & tear as in “sunny” California.

When I find a 20 year old furnace I always state…

***This heating system was paced through it’s normal sequence of operating modes, with no obvious defects noted at time of inspection. However, due to systems age, it is clearly beyond it’s life expectancy, and replacement should be considered. Until then, I recommend annual maintenance from a licensed contractor. ***

How do you arrive at that information?

How about thoes brown stains above the heat exchanger burners?
I think that is a little more important than what year it was born.