You Best Get Ready To Fight Like Hell.


All become instantly equal in the clients eyes, Prices go into the toilet, Your hard earned reputation mean nothing any more because you install become equal to all with the same paper.

It is your State F u c k i n g You out of your hard earned dollars and no good comes from it.

It does nothing to protect the public that is PURE B U L L S H I T.


This is no joke and will screw all with a thriving and well established business.

Here in BC, we are regulated by Consumer Protection BC who made it even harder to become a home inspector. I would have to say that BC has some of the best, most educated, experienced home inspector in the country. The harder it is, the less competition for me. I’m definitely not equal to others. People choose us because of experience and unique selling proposition. We have some of the highest rate.

Mikey will you please learn how to turn off the caps. Please ! we’re friends. Turn off the ****ing cap

The caps were there because I was yelling. That time it was not an accident.

I have a question? How does it really bother people, I mean really. Seems odd to me.

People who use asinine fonts constantally bother me a ton as they are difficult to read but caps are easier for people like me with old eyes to read.

Most of the time I do it it is because I am pissed and typing fast and the damn key is right next to the a and I hit it by accident and I am not about to go back and change it for people around here.

Quit fuc*ing yelling!
All I get is static on my hearing aids.



Thank you I hope the People of Ohio can see the forest through the trees.

A great many fools here were taken because they though it legitimized them and gave them the rights to do hat at the time were $150.00 insurance inspections now they go for around $70 normally unless you are foolish enough to do them for a large company then you might get $35 a pop or so and must do it how they want and go back when they say and eat sh-t when they serve it.

I warned them all and few listened :frowning:

I dont see it making a difference except for weeding out the ones that are unqualified.

They wont set your prices and reputation will still matter.

Its kind of like having a PHD just because they all have the same title it doesn’t mean that they are equal in pricing and reputation.

LOL. You really think by “qualifying” people with a bare minimum standard is going to do any good? C’mon man!

FWIW, licensing will absolutely not do a thing, because Real Estate Agents are the ones running the show and the ones ruling over the home inspection industry. Change this, and your “unqualified” will be weeded out.

While I am not a fan of government regulation, I see state licensing as a positive force. For a long time I was a general contractor, and found that there were lots of people who were undermining prices and the general reputation of GC’s. When I decided to make the switch to inspecting, I was glad to know I had to pass a criminal background check, be a US citizen, and go through an education and testing process that had at least minimum standards, and that there was an agency tasked with maintaining integrity and continuing education among inspectors.

I’m not sure how it works in states that have no licensing standards, but without them, I would imagine anyone who wants to call him or herself an inspector can do so. I can’t see how that is good for the public or good for the profession.

I agree with you 100%. Government can feel burdensome but its purpose is to serve the community which it is elected to serve. Making sure that Inspectors have a uniform standard that they meet shouldn’t be left purely to the free market. Too much harm can happen when soft inspectors and home flippers undercut bona fide Inspectors and contractors.

True, so long as the law has teeth. It’d be a shame to see a Ohio HI law that resembles anything like the Florida HI law.

Yep. Changing that.


For those of you who don’t know the law establishes a board of 5 or 7 people cant remember how many. Any way the state has put a real estate agent on the board. You heard that right a damn agent. They also dropped any requirements for insurance.
It is such a joke. I cant wait til these damn agents get what they asked for because I have a feeling they aren’t going to like it.