Your miles limit? Do you charge when far?

Hey, Dale… good idea!! I’m about 125-150 miles from the coast, so maybe I should start doing that. A discount so I can cool off!! :slight_smile:

We do a lot of specialty inspections and we love to help folks - even those a fur piece from home (Kansas City). So my “good neighbor” policy has always been - “If you’ve got money and are willing to pay - I’ve got the time”.

In the past 12 months, we’ve gone to Columbia, MO for a home inspection on a 25,000 sf house (3 hours travel time each way for 3 guys @ $50 each p/hr, gas, lunch, etc on top of our normal fees). Our normal fees being what type of revenue do I think 2 inspectors and a helper would bring in on a normal day where each inspector did 2 or 3 home inspections (without leaving the city).

In the past 12 months, I’ve have gone to Dallas, Texas for an expert witness type case - owner has contractor problems and needs someone to examine construction defects. Due to taking equipment with me I drove (9 hrs each way). I had 1 day there, 2 days of travel, and 1 day compiling report, photos, etc. They paid 2 nights motel, gas, food, travel time plus my inspection fees and report writing fees (time spent putting report together).

In the past 12 months, I’ve gone to Wichita, KS for a stucco inspection for a doctor involved in a lawsuit. I had 3 1/2 hrs drive time each way. I drove there, did the inspection, wrote the report & compiled it and the photos that afternoon - gave it to him there - had dinner, spent the night and drove home the next day. He paid for 7 hours travel time, gas, motel, meals plus the normal inspection fee PLUS the RUSH fee for same day report service.

Charge them - they respect you for it. They often brag how much you cost!

My best one was the Realtor who paid for me to go to Santa Barbara. He bought me a round trip ticket on Amtrak (my request as to transportation), put me up in the greatest hillside hotel overlooking Santa Barbara for Saturday and Sunday nights, paid for two days rental car, and paid what I thought was an exorbitant inspection fee on a condominium. His mom was downsizing after her husband died. Mr. Realtor still uses me regularly four years later and likes to tell the story as much as I do.

Ahhh…but the trip is worth it when this is the destination, right?

Only if he ties an anchor around your legs before he throws you in, otherwise it’s just horseplay. :wink:

Russel, Mike, thanks for recognizing what Peter didn’t.

Gads, Peter, all the times we’ve met & help I’ve given, you take that seriously?

Good pic, Mike - yes!

Gorgeous here today - 67F at 9:45, much better than it’s been!
And, to top it off, the 36 chicks I’ve raised have started laying the other day.

Eggs, that is . . .
Big organic brown ones!

Russel R., Mike B., John O., Will D. & Russ S. -
Now that would be a dry, somber table in Toronto -


Hmmm - - -
ITA in Sept, anyone?

Ya gots ta uze them li’l emoticons, Russ.

This is my favorite emoticon: :margarit:
It’s even named after some friends of mine here in the office, Ms Margarita and Dr Cuervo. Hold your mouse over it and see what it says.

maybe I have to break the “quick reply” habit-
that was born from so long on slow dialup!

So you have joined the real world?

Russ S, I didn’t take it seriously that you’d throw me in the river but you made the comment about WA inspectors coming over the border so apparently a business concern. Its a free market but I also believe in helping your fellow man.

OK, Peter, forget about it.
Apparently you haven’t seen enough of my posts to realize it was a joke for all concerned, not just you.

Feel free to put me on your blocked post list, if you’d like.

And I really don’t give a rat’s *** who crosses which state border, to make it as plain as possible

Some what, my friend -
My wireless virizon card gets me 115.2 kbps, vs dialup 26.

Not roaring, but better.

Ok Russ, I took it too seriously apparently so thats better than being a true statement from you so all is well. Glad to hear you’re at higher connection speeds.

As am I. Now you can download the margarita pie recipe in mere minutes. :smiley:

Russel, that was accomplished months ago. Connection speed was not a concern! I do have my priorities.
I have yours and the one that was posted afterwards, too!

I drive up to 180 miles one way…no extra charge.
If I didn’t they’d get someone closer for a better price and I do what I can to get whatever work I can.

Yep, me too. Even if it cuts in heavily from fuel. It spreads the word around the state, and shows that I am hard-working. The last one was three hours each way. Makes for a long day though.