Cheap Inspections!

I think I know now why I am not getting any inspections in my small clicky town.I just found out that there are inspectors in my area that are performing Home inspections on older 1960 homes 1900 sq. for about $200.I thought I was giving them a deal @$295.These scared idiots are ruining it for us good inspectors.The bad part of this is that they are Nachi people.

How are they ruining it? There are cheap inspectors everywhere, and people seem to survive and even excell at areas where cheap inspectors reside and work.

So with your mentality no one will pay over $200…right?

How do so many inspectors who charge way more than that get business and KEEP business?

Wow! Thanks for the imput.

Never compete with a lowballer on the issue of price.

Always charge *significantly *and blatantly more … and freely explain to price shoppers how easy it will be for them to identify the unskilled and untrained inspector working for beer money by his lower fee.

Explain how you can provide them with a “real” home inspection at your fee (with all of the features and benefits that it provides) … and offer them, should they not be able to spend enough for a legitimate inspection, a referral to your lesser qualified lowballer who does not have the overhead for advanced training and tools, but simply works for the beer money.

There are stupid people who will accept your referral and go to him, but it is usually the person wanting something for nothing and who likely sues his home inspector to avoid paying for his own maintenance when something breaks. These are the folks that will help put the lowballer out of business. It helped me get rid of a NACHI lowballer in Springfield a couple of years ago.

I am the most expensive in my area. I may not be as busy as the cheaper guy but what I do on two inspections takes them three. If you market yourslef properly and sell yourself on the phone you will do just fine. When a potential client says to me how much do you charge I ask if they are looking for cheap or are they looking for good?? If all they want is a cheap inspection call the other guy but if they are looking for a good inspector then sell it to them. I book almost every call this way. Clients think we are all alike so they need to be educated. JMO

BINGO! well put, Greg.

try wearing spandex… :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys for the input.

I’d quote $425 to $450.

Is that what all inspectors in Lafayette are wearing nowadays? :shock:

I hope not! I’m in Shreveport, not that far away. I think I’d be losing business with spandex…or maybe gaining business…worth a shot I guess…

You should be alright without them… Robert is in Lafayette, Indiana. Totally different market conditions…

In every industry:

You get what you pay for, and pay for what you get.

I just did an inspection for a guy who flips houses, he fired his other guy whome he pays $200 to for missing a rusted out furnace. It took me 3.5 hours and i charged him twice as much as the other guy. His agent waited and was up my *** the whole time becuase the old inspector did his inspection in under 2 hours. The buyer basically left me alone during the inspection (went to home depot twice) and after i was done i took him for a tour and told him i would email him the report that night, the agent was furious and had a secret meeting with him after i was paid.
The next day he called me and thanked me telling me that the secret meeting was her bashing me for being “too slow”. He called to tell me he fired her too and wanted to know if I could refer an agent for another house he wants to buy and said he plans to use me from now on.
Long story short you get what you pay for

Shane, glad to see one of the “good guys” come out on top

We all know the RE agents who do not do their job and who are very unprofessional. We also know who the good, professional ones are. Perhaps we need to also help promote the good ones.

That is probably one of the best posts I have ever seen from you! There was a hint of positive in it!

Just finished by third best month in 10 years. Raised my prices, and got more business. Radon testing is up double from last year. Over 40% of RE agents nationwide are no longer agents. The strong has survived, and the veteran RE’s realize the importance of higher-priced, CMI inspectors.

OMG…who invaded Gary’s body?

Shane, nice job with holding to your work quality…it worked out, great! :slight_smile: