You're NOT a company

I heard today from a multi inspection firm who said if you’re not doing atleast 750K a year you’re not a company. The person also states that they don’t do contracts, basically they feel you shouldn’t hide behind them to weasel out from our own mistakes. Miss it, man up and buy it. What do you guys think about this?

B. S.

If they don’t use contracts they are idiots and anything else they say should be ignored.

If they don’t do agreements/contracts how does anyone know what is going to be done for how much money? :shock:

I think someone’s pulling your leg, Billy. :roll:

Interesting. Legally you ARE a company… especially if incorporated. As far as contracts… kind of stupid to say the least…

No leg pulling anyone of you can hear it. It’s the last interview done #21.

Great guy I just don’t agree with him on some things especially what I wrote above. Just wondered what you guys think.

PS… He’s not the first person I heard about who doesn’t use them. I know a guy who frequents here and has been in business for 20 years and never used a contract.

Well he may think of himself of a business man but IMHO he some
rather unbusiness like ideas.

What episode and how far in?

Well, he got you to post about it so maybe he just was pulling’ just a little bit, huh? :roll: :mrgreen:

#21 right after my episode. He also states he can inspect, fix and house sit (watch) your home while you’re out of town. No need to go anywhere else he’s a one stop shop. I know organizations ban fixing a house for a year but don’t most licensed states do so as well? Cool he has all this going on I just think it can really come back to bite him.

He also states most things you miss would typically not cost over 5K. I agree you should man up and fix if you missed what you was paid to inspect. So my question to you guys is if you missed lets so a 2K problem and it was a legitimate miss would you man up or would you stick to your limitation to the cost of the home inspection in your contract? Be honest, no beating the bushes.

How do you know that you missed something if there was no agreement?

And, if one was operating with an agreement, and missed something legitimately, $2,000.00 is small compared to going to court AND it probably wouldn’t be missed again…:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe he can fix there but not here lol

So are you saying even though you took payment for a home inspection since there is no agreement then a client has no recourse?

Just try it Billy and let us know how it works out.

lol none of you have answered my questions. Would you pay the $2k to cover the miss or would you stand behind your contract which limits to the cost of inspection?

Please advise this person, if he is a member of InterNACHI and wishes to continue as a member, he is required to use a written contract. If he does not, he is in violation of the COE and there are consequences to his actions or lack thereof.

I personally don’t know him Steve. Just heard his story. Also why it required to have a contract according to the COE?

Best be cash… and don’t leave any report behind as evidence…:shock:

I wonder if he carries insurance…

If he does… wonder what the insurance company would think of no contracts.