Zoe and Nick

Dear Zoe and Nick,

Just received my License Number 36 I want to personally thank you for all you have done to help this along. Great job, ZOE for all your help and Nick I know you really put a lot of effort and this from day one. If I can ever help with anything please ask. Thank you again guys great job!!!

For those who do not know - Alfred brought to my attention that the DBPR was rejecting our Examination result letter on July 14th. I got with Nick the 15th - we had the problem solved the 16th.

And thank goodness too…I had just sent my and my husband - Dennis’s applications in and we would have had the same problem!!

Thank you Alfred for stepping up and bringing this situation to my attention. You gave me and Nick the opportunity to correct the situation very quickly.

BTW: My Lc # is 43