1-day technical speakers available to Chapters.

Would your chapter like a technical speaker to teach for a day? NACHI has contracted with some of the very best in our industry. Their fees and expenses are completely paid for by NACHI so the local chapter need not worry about fundraising.

Some speakers/trainers available include:

Paul Abernathy
Gerry Beaumont
Bob Brown
Kenny Hart
Steve Jawitz
Joe Tedesco

Arrangements must be made 60 days in advance so that NACHI has plenty of time to get the word out. For more information contact nick.gromicko@nachi.org

Hi to all,

Thanks Nick, many members particularly in Flordia have seen some of my presentations, but over the last 5 years I have written over 250 hours of inspector education covering:

  • Manufactured housing

  • Electrical

  • Structure

  • Exterior finishes (inc Stucco and EIFS)

  • Roofing

  • Plumbing (sorry Kenny)

  • HVAC

  • Environmental studies
    I am also currently developing courses on:

  • Commercial property inspection

  • New construction inspection

  • Moisture control in New construction
    I can also tailor classes to suit local conditions, and am happy to prepare specialized classes on just about most subjects apart from pools.

I am currently taking bookings from mid April on



NACHI member Russell Spriggs does a 1 hour talk/qa session on Benefits of NACHI Membership, some you know about, others you don’t.

NACHI.org is so big (175,000+ pages now) many members are not aware of all the tools and benefits that come with membership. For instance, only a small percentage of our members have taken advantage of our recent *free websites to all members *http://www.inspectorpages.com Russell can give your chapter attendees a quick run down of all the ways to take advantage of your NACHI membership.

He is best scheduled as an additional speaker at an evening event.

Don’t miss Gerry in Hawaii in March: http://www.nachi.org/hawaiichapter1.htm

Hey Gerry,

If you need an assistant in Hawaii count me in.

Hey Gerry, how about we switch. You take http://www.nachi.org/nmchapter.htm I can’t even spell Albuquerque. :wink:

Hi Nick neither can I, plus I am unfortunately booked on the 28th, I will be teaching a new inspector class for NHITI all that week http://www.nhiti.com/6day.html

Shame I want to see more of the West :frowning:



Gerry, let’s talk about a Western Tour yogether.

We’ll stop at Cheese Shops, along the way. . .


Sounds like a plan Russ :mrgreen:

too funny


:slight_smile: Not a problem Gerry I think we need to have YOU for our guest speaker at the second Albuquerque Meeting


Can I get some of those frequent flyer miles. It appears your going to be to busy to use them for yourself.

Here is the latest scheduled bookings for Gerry.

Sure Dale,

Just set up a training day for your next event and send me and the office the details.

BTW, I suggest that the chapters charge for these events, maybe a nominal $50 per day for members and $100-150 per day for none members, one or two events per year would easily fund the chapters and enable them to bring in other speakers or fund other chapter activities.



:smiley: My wife just informed me that the cheese tour “Hickory Farms NACHI Tour” would be a good name for the Southwest tour.
Mold it’s our enemy, it’s our friend, the choice is yours


I am ready for the NACHI Chapters Nationwide! I will tailor the presentations as necessary, and with the bootlegged and defective panels we BUILT, WE will have a great time AND LEARN ABOUT THE DEFECTS THROUGH THE EYES OF AN ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR WITH OVER 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE!

MASSACHUSETTS, CONNECTICUT, NEW YORK, and the entire Eastern Seaboard! HURRY!

The 6 hour CEU is approved for Massachusetts under my umbrella.

I am a Nationally Recognized Certified Electrical Inspector, NEC Consultant, Certified Instructor and NACHI Member who can teach you Electrical Inspection tricks needed to get the job done.

My presentations are advanced so be ready for the best yet.

PS: I have and still include the subject of electrical safety, and have over $3000.00 of DVD’s that show what is most important when it comes to safety!

I was referring to the regard for which Gerry and I hold for the Monty Python skits; hence, “The Cheese Shop”.

Actually, I’m thrilled to be able to travel and represent NACHI!

I remember the excitement I felt when Nick came out to talk as we created the Colorado chapter. I could see the excitement as, together, we met and greeted NACHI inspectors across the state as the Idaho chapter was formed last year.

With NACHI growing at such an exponential rate, there is simply not enough “Nick” to go around - especially when he is working on RealMatcher® and other projects that will benefit NACHI inspectors for generations to come.

By creating this group of Speakers and Ambassadors, the quality and education of each NACHI inspector will be enhanced, and new members will feel welcomed into our family!


NEVER MIND!!:shock:
It was early when we comented on the cHEESE thingy

Ok…If you need me…I will come…But I like to talk alot…I am not real flashy as I like to walk around the room…bring pictures and so on…

I also like to teach the basics…what you need to know…what you need to be aware of and in short…training you to understand through the eyes of a Master Electrician…While still keeping you focused on finding the defects.

Oh…P.S…I am not going to talk down to you…I am going to TEACH you…!

1.) I will NOT try to make you electricians…I will make you an Electrically Aware Home Inspector


  • The Basic Electrical Inspection For Home Inspectors
  • Understanding Grounding, Bonding and Earthing
  • Basic Electrical Theory 101

I can also tailor a lecture based on your own selected topic your chapter would like to have me speak on from Electrical Defects or a Full Method to a proper Electrical Inspection

I can teach Lawn Sprinkler System Inspecting in Hawaii… :wink: Or anywhere else for that matter…San Diego?

I am in the process of forming a chapter in my district, and any technical teaching that I can obtain will be a plus. I have great plans for this chapter.