1-Minute Video on How to Become a Home Inspector in Washington DC

Watch this 1-minute video on how to become a certified home inspector in Washington, D.C.


Hey Ben, I thought there was no Licensing or Certification necessary in Wash, DC. The only requirement they have is that you have a valid business license, the same as any and all other businesses that operate in DC.

Just saying as I have been a licensed contractor in DC for around 30 years now.


Licensing is meaningless. If you’re in an unlicensed state there is no license to have… and if you are in a licensed state, everyone has one. It’s like having a nose. Meaningless.

With regard to qualifications, certifications are all that matters in our industry. A license doesn’t.

You are only partially correct. As far as certification goes yes you are correct to some small degree, but in this Wash DC case the licensing required Trumps any certification hands down as it is referring to a Business license, not a HI license. This license is needed whether you are selling food from a truck, cutting hair or Performing Home Inspections.

Just wanted to make this clear so those inspectors in Wash DC don’t think they need any Certification to perform an Inspection but Rather they do in fact need a Business License to perform any type of work.

Hope helps clear that up for those who may want to know about Inspecting in DC.


My point was that a license where every inspector needs a license is no more a USP than having a nose. Your competitors all have noses.