Are There Any Inspectors That Do Inspections In

Washington, DC ? I am trying to find out if Washington, DC has any requirements to perform Home Inspections there ? There website has no mention of that being a licensed business, and some other google searches say NO they don’t. I am looking for someone here locally that does them there that knows 1st hand ?

Thanks In Advance :cool:


Thanks Jeff, I did also find that, and I even called the DC department of licensing. Thats a joke and no wonder the nations Capital is broke…a bunch of buffoons there. They didn’t even know what a Home Inspector was, at first they told me to call the Building/code department and ask them since they do inspections…hahaha.

I figure they do not have any licensing, but what about business license or some crap? I am Licensed in Maryland and VA, the 2 bordering states. I just can’t get a straight answer from them.


Looks as if you would need a “General Business License”. (Follow the links at the bottom).

Jeff, that is perfect, that’s what I was looking for. Amazing that when I called them they wouldn’t show me or tell me that. OK now to toss another 380 bucks at our nations capital for nothing…hahaha



Glad I was able to help. :wink: