1 Trillion dollars!

If there was a stack of 100 dollars bills that totaled 1 trillion dollars.

How big of a stack would it be?

Cubic yards?

do you want that by the sqft or will the nearest acre suffice?

What ever change you can spare I guess.


It’s not easy to explain just how much money $1 trillion really is. Imagine a stack of bills worth $1 million that is roughly six inches high. (Think big denominations — a mix of $100 bills and $1,000 bills, mostly $1,000’s.) If the six-inch stack were enlarged to the point where it was worth $1 billion, it would be as tall as the Washington Monument, about 500 feet. If it were worth $1 trillion, the stack would be 95 miles high.

Carl, the U.S. treasury reports that $1m dollars in $100 bills weighs 22lbs, so a trillion would weigh 2,200 lbs

now thats a “ton of money” :shock:

I hope you have a big suitcase handy :wink:


Most people can not even fathom what kind of money they are talking about!

At least not the ones that have to make good on paying for what they are doing to us. IMO

The thing about 1 Trillion Dollars is that it is doubtful that there are 1 Trillion paper Federal Reserve Notes in circulation. The Trillion dollars the Federal Reserve Bank created this week to bail out Wall Street was merely a bookkeeping entry, as those dollars have nothing backing them but the full faith of the banking system and might not be worth the paper required to print.

America has a two-party political system… We have the Stupid party and the Evil party. Every once in a while they get together and do something both stupid & evil, thats called bipartisanship.

and if you can’t see the humor in that statement, do the world a favor and don’t vote in November :shock:



I have a 1 ton truck does that mean I will have to make 2 trips?

Presuming that they don’t catch you during the first one, yes :mrgreen:

You might want to use one of these. :mrgreen:


WASHINGTON (CNN) – The capture of two cocaine-laden semi-submarines in the past week has highlighted the increasing use of the vessels, which now transport one-third of illicit drugs in the eastern Pacific, a major route between Colombia and the United States, U.S. authorities said Friday.

we ought to be able to move a few bucks with one of these almost a HP for every pound…

Sorry, the title of the thread made me do it.


Makes Chrysler’s 10 billion dollar loan (paid back in full plus interest) and Mexico’s 20 billion dollar loan (paid back in full plus $500 million) look like chump change.

There are 1,000 billions in a trillion.


A mythical amount which can never be paid back, if they are just using it as a way for the elites to forgive debt then maybe they should forgive all debt and just start over, really how bad could that be… everyone starts with a clean slate. The Jews did it 2500 years ago every 50 years and called the Jubilee Year it sounds better than anything Congress could cook up.


My wife said you look younger with that hat on your head!

With what the U.S. spent today, we could have fought another war.

Russia here we come!