10 Yrs old house Soft Copper tubing in attic for fireplace?

Hello Everone, I received a e-mail tonight from a contractor regarding my comment about a soft copper gas line that ran across an attic floor and throught the top plate and down the wall to a direct vent gas fireplace in the living room of this adult community home(10Yrs old). My comment stated that that this type of piping is not allowed when it’s passed through wall or floor systems! Is this absoutely correct or has it been grandfathered or acceptable?

Any help in this matter is appreciated!


Hi Chris,

What do you mean by “soft piping”?? what was the tube diameter and what marking were on the tubing?

In many areas gas plumbing in copper is fine.



As long as there are no concealed mechanical joints it should be ok. Unless they do not like copper gas lines in your area.