100 amp main ?

Is #4 cu allowed to feed the distribution panel ? Is this 100 amp panel considered a load center even if the branch circuits are disconnected.

I will probably have more questions on this set up?

Thank you in advance


The #4’s are permitted on the 100 amp OCPD as long as it carries the entire load of the dwelling.

#4 Service conductors are good for 100 amps. I’m not sure what you mean about be “considered a load center.” What is the question specifically?

Looks like he has #4’s on the lugs going into the panel in the dwelling. Once someone connects a load in the service panel adjacent to the meter the #4’s are no longer carrying the entire dwelling load.

Yes sir Thank you Robert Handle tie needed for range circuit. Also is there a reason why that breaker was painted white, any significance to it other than not allowed.

They went through all the trouble updating the panel but used old as s breakers sheesh…