100 Amp service with a 200 Amp breaker panel

When is it OK to have a 100 AMP service wires coming into a 200 AMP rated electrical panel ? House was only 1010 sq ft with all electrical appliances and with electric heat pump.
DSCN6691 (2)
DSCN6694 (2)
DSCN6695 (2)
DSCN6697 (2)

Is this is a 4-wire feeder? If so one would assume that there is a 100 amp OCPD at the meter.

There would need to be overcurrent protection for the 100 amp wiring .

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No this is a main and for a 4 feeder No, only 3 2 hot 1 neutral and a rod in the ground.

If the servive disconnect/main breaker is more than 100 Amps, never.

Are you sure those cables are only rated for 100 amps?

I saw the metal raceway and thought that maybe there was an OCPD ahead of this panel with the raceway being the EGC or the 4th conductor. Let’s start with this, what size are the service conductors?

I’m sure there not rated 200 amp

Looks like they could be #2/0 copper. For some reason I cannot enlarge the photo’s.



Then as you’ve stated the conductors are too small for 200 amps. The minimum conductor size for a 200 amp dwelling service would be #2/0 copper.