100 Room Hotel in Operation

Just booked a 100 room hotel, 2 Story, Built in 1965, 52K+ SF, Pool & Spa, Restaurant and Garage.

Only doing a 25 Room Sampling. Restaurant is a light inspection only.

Anything in particular to be looking out for other than the obvious?

ADA requirements?

I did address ADA with client and he’s not that concerned with it. But I will look for obvious deviations.

Just remember anything over 4 units is not covered or regulated by the Arizona Board Of Technical Registration, I would write a specific contract for this and not use the same one that you use for single family homes that states inspection will be Performed in accordance with the Arizona Standards of practice. Also I usually sub contract an electrician to evaluate electric service and components especially if it was built in 1965. My contract would specifically state that I am not a code inspector, Fire Alarm inspector or an ADA inspector. Last make the client choose what rooms are to be inspected not you or the hotel operator / owner

What SOP are you using?

Yeah, I have a separate Agreement for Commercial Inspections which basically states all of that. As for room selection, buyer is out of state, so sampling will have to be decided by me. He has already stated he’s okay with that.

Internachi’s Commercial SOP.

That’s a big job for sure. A few questions…

Are you doing this all by yourself or hiring sub-contractors?

How long do you expect the inspection process to take? 1 day, 4 days?

You’re doing a 25 room sampling. Do you plan on checking every outlet in those rooms? A full bathroom inspection, or just a casual walk through of the 25?

The restaurant, pool components and structural issues of the building require specific inspections. Are you certified and experienced to handle that?

Lastly, how much do you expect to make on such a big project??? Very curious and good luck.

I am doing this by myself.

I’m planning on 3 long days.

I figure 30 minutes per room. Includes all outlets, full bathroom and HVAC check.

I asked the client if he wanted me to bring in any specialists and he said, he would leave that up to me if I felt the need based on my findings. Extra charge of course.

I’m curious what you guys think this is worth?

Of coarse bring in specialists! HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, pool guys and roofers.

You are a generalist, not a specialist in those areas.

It’s in your buyer’s best interest and yours… Remember that.

For that big of a building, doing it all by myself with a restaurant and a pool, I would charge at LEAST $5000 for the effort. If the building hasn’t been updated then $7500.

Don’t forget the elevator guy. That is definitely something I would bring in a specialist to complete.

Great catch… I missed that one.

What would you charge, Stanczyk, for a big job like that in WA? Just curious.

How did it go?

This is not a home Inspection. Talk to your client about the Scope and Purpose of the inspection, and do it.

You charge based on what your doing and what your worth.

Make sure your insurance covers what your doing.

If your client wants something like the elevator, go get an elevator guy and sub-contract it. Your not an elevator guy, hvac guy etc.

Went great! Everybody’s happy!

What was you fee for such a big project?


When doing Commercial Building such as Motels/Hotels be sure to inspect the areas contained in the picture…I hope the picture comes thru.

The area in question(s) is at the head of the bed with the matterss pressed up against tightly to the electrical cords…when this is done it breaks the protective outer covering of the electrical cord, fraying the electrical lines. Breaks the outlet plug and in some older hotels and motels they have not been retrofitted from a metal junction box to a plastic. When live wires come into contact with the metal box it will short out. As well as if the outlet shorts out the protective covering on the electrical cords break off the frayed wire come into contact with the metal frame on the materress it can energize the materess and cause electrocution/death/fire. Ensure that NOTHING IS PUSHED UP TIGHT AGAINST THESE OUTLETS, THAT NOTHING CAN BE BUMPED INTO OR PUSHED INTO THESE OUTLET CAUSING THIS DAMAGE.

Cover your inspection(s) on this issue. As a retired firefighter and having written many commercial building inspections and testifying in court…DOCUMENT WITH PICTURES, VIEDO AND WRITTEN REPORT OF DAMAGE TO ALL OUTLET(S) IN EACH ROOM.

Best Regards, be safe in inspecting.

Roy Poteete