Hotel Inspection

I was contacted today to do an inspection on a 2 story 50 room hotel on a full basement. I am new to commercial inspections and was looking for input on does and don’ts for inspecting hotels. Client seemed to be interested in basic things structure, flat roof, obvious plumbing, ect. not sure what to charge, how many rooms are normally inspected, time involved?

Any input will be appreciated!!

Steve…Give me a call after 5:00 on Saturday or sometime on Sunday. I was a chief engineer in a hotel for several years and can fill you in on some of the systems that you will probably encounter.

Scott Were you Local #1 ?
I spent 15 years Building maintenance myself.

Steve you can go over the Inspection needs with the client and customize what gets reported in the contract…

The last Marriot (175 Room) I inspected, the buyer wanted every other room inspected.

The biggest concerns were the Tub/Shower units in this particular building, diverters leaking behind the surrounds…but I find that issue in most Hotels.

Actually I have probably inspected 20-30 Hotels in the last few years, they are certainly simple…turn on the air as soon you enter the room and make sure it operates correctly, then go right to the bathroom, because there ain’t really much else involved, interior wise.

I like inspecting them, because of the fact their so easy.

Now that makes sense.
Of course we know nothing as to if there are galley kitchens involved.
The heat may be from the main boiler, and if it is a SRO it may be steam.

The price QUOTE would reflect any type of conditioning units besides wall units—:smiley:

Air conditioning and water, life is simple in Arizona. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Oh, I forgot the Stucco. :nosy:

Ahh…yes Chris…that dirty word…along with FLASHING—:stuck_out_tongue:

You might want to take another local inspector with you whose done commercial before and split the job and help you out. I’m not sure how far Bill Warner is but he has an Infrared Camera too. There’s lots of other Ohio guys on here too.

The big difference on hotel property condition survey reports is in the reserves. Besides standard construction items, soft goods, furnishings, equipment, computer hardware and software, etc. are added. The adds include guestrooms, corridors and hallways, ballrooms, kitchens, meeting rooms, dining rooms, fitness centers, pools, etc., etc…

Rick Herbold, P.E.