1028 and 1027 radon units for sale, also closed building notes

Retirement calls. I have a used 1027, last calibrated Mar 2021, with hard case, and a 1028, last calibrated also in Mar 2021, with hard case. Both used less than 20 times each.

$250 for the 1027, $350 for the 1028, or $500 for both.

Also have for sale these Radon testing closed building post-it notes. Had them made up after another radon test got screwed up because the occupant was not properly instructed by seller’s REA or the occupant failed to understand what they were supposed to do (they left doors and windows open during testing.) Once I started putting these post-it notes at every door and most windows I never had a problem. 50 pages per pad (I used 5-10 pages per house.) I’ll sell them for $2.50 per pad, 5 pads for $10, or the \whole box of about 70 pads for $120.

Text me at 262-two two four-9143 if questions or interested in purchase. I’ll pay shipping.

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Update 2/28: Radon units have sold, the post-it notes are still available.

Update, all items have sold.

This maybe off topic, does anyone do draw inspections for lenders? How should i charge?

I found this post. Might be helpful.

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Thanks Bryan, thats about where I am. I just started dointhem and have two under my belt. I charge 150 for my min.

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G get 'em, Vincent. :+1: