11 Month Warranty Leads

I am trying to get a list of homes built last year in my county. I want to offer the owners of these new homes an 11 Month Inspection. I went to the county Recoder today and didn’t have any success. They don’t have a way to filter through new buildings versus a home being sold. Can onyone share how they get the addresses of the newly built homes?

Why? New home purchases are public record.

Try the City’s building permit department. Some towns publish permits issued each month.

Randy, will a building permit have the completed date or just when the permit was issued? I think I should be asking for a certificate of occupancy or a notice of completion.

If you know the names of the prominent local builders in your area you can visit their websites and they usually list the neighborhood that they are developing. From their I go to Zillow and do an aerial search and the addresses are listed. However there may be a paid service you can use to target specific communities. Not sure though

Great advice. I will look into it.