12 & 13 SEER Condensing Units

This is a side by side comparison of condensing units installed on new construction. The unit on the left is a 12 SEER, and the unit on the right is a newly required 13 SEER. Both are 2-ton units. Notice the size differences. According to a manufacturer’s bulletin, the difference in efficiency between the 12 & 13 SEER units is 9%. As remainding stocks of 12 SEER units are depleted, we will see more of the larger and more efficient 13 SEER units.

Brumfield Inspection 022 (Small).jpg

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Your welcome guys. I re-read the bulletin I received from Rheem and it said that the energy efficiency difference between a 10 SEER and 13 SEER is 30% and 8% between 12 & 13 SEER units. Here’s a quick link to the data:


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Some seer 13 and 14 are actually smaller than what you would think…

they can have a double coil setup.

my Bryant/Carrier 3.5 ton is smaller than my 3 ton, both are seer 14 and use R410 puron