140 coming to tomorrow's Inspector Marketing event in Boulder, CO.

It’s free: http://www.nachi.org/colorado-inspector-event-2015.htm

We’re bringing a drone.

We made it to the Marketing Event last night, It exceeded any expectations- I had no defined expectation but was excited to get to meet everyone face to face. Of course I was too shy to actually introduce myself. The Information provided, all the Beautiful staff. Inspector Outlet! Patches stickers etc… for free! and the positive energy in the place with all the Wonderful Veteran Inspectors working together and they, being open to us newbies to share tips and insight was absolutely wonderful. I have been in construction for 30+ years, all kinds! This is a first! being treated with respect at the point of initial contact with the veterans. Usually I have to haul 100lbs.of material up a ladder first or something : D
Thanks To ALL. Nick is the Best!

I really mean it I am honored to be a part of Internachi.
Thank You!
Sharon Nicholson-Pena