SO Colorado Chapter Special Meeting

A Southern Colorado InterNACHI meeting will be Saturday the 19th 9AM at Maggie Mays Rest & Pub 2405 E Pikes Peak Ave (719) 475-1623. This meeting is to discuss the current status of this chapter and to welcome Dominic with HIP and possibly an additional guest from out of state. We all know from Dominics posts how helpful he is. Any InterNACHI member is welcome to attend. Please RSVP here.


Hey, Scott!
I’ll be up in Boulder, so I’ll leave out early AM:( before my flight out to meet up with you guys at 9 in Colo Springs!

If you want, pass the word for everybody to bring biz cards & brochures, we can have a marketing / critiquing meeting while we’re at it.:smiley:

My DIA flight is around 5PM, so I’m available for any questions or workshops . . .:wink:

Thanx Russ,

It will be a few hours of Marketing Optimization…

Check this out… Russ just told me

“Folks can bring memory sticks & laptops, if they want any files I have, Scott!”

Hey, you guys have me till after lunch- Whatever you want!
Marketing, compare notes, do a ride-along, take me out to sporting goods stores, go plinking . . . I’m open, & look forward to meeting you all!

May I ask what the hell that means? ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Russel, you might convince them to submit their Chapter for the month. ha. ha. Give them my regards.


I asked him that too. I think he’s just making up words to look fancy. He CLAIMS it means country boys throw things and us city boys catch them in their teeth. I think he had a little too much to drink :mrgreen:

When I was young and growing up, we used the word “plinking” to
mean using a 22 or what-have-you, and shooting at cans and bottles out in the woods…:twisted:
It was a lot of fun, and I grew to appreciate, and developed a healthy respect for, using what we used to call “guns”, and now “weapons”.
(And yes, I learned the difference between my “gun” and my “weapon” in basic training):smiley:

Steve you never grew up.

Whats happening Hank?
and whats to become of this site/

and they come out of the woodwork…

Steven, thanks for letting me know what it REALLY means, since Russ was sending me on a wild goose chase. Right now he’s up at NACHI HQ having fun. I’ll be there tomorrow. I’m down in Colorado Springs right now. Damn it’s cold! The guy at the airport said it was 15 below last night? I lived in the mountains about 2 hours east of Los Angeles for about 10 years. It snowed often but never really got below the 20’s. Lowest I ever saw it was 0.

Steve; When I was young I never liked guns too much and never got to respect guns until I owned my first BB gun.
Once I had gone to my fathers garage and modified my BB gun to work like
The RifleMan, the other kids got pissed off and would shoot me in the gazoo.

That is when I start to respect guns. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Yepper, it was cold wasn’t it?
Last night was the coldest I’ve seen at my house this winter, out in Falcon, and we had about 8 below when I was up this morning.
Glad to see Hank V. back in the action here too.
I hope he comes Saturday,as he’s a great guy, very experienced, and has a lot to offer our chapter.

Just trying to keep out of trouble. As far as the site it appears they have a new one for the chapter. No one has contacted me to update the SCNACHI one so i dont know. its just wasting away.

Im going to try. I expected Russ on Friday so now ill head to Denver tomorrow to free up Saturday. We just have to get Russ to leave the NACHI Girls alone.

Bring all the questions to the meeting and we will figure out what is best for everyones interest as a group. I vision a great group of members that support the chapter equally and receives the benefits of the combined experience.

**Thanx to **STEVEN WASKEWICZ for his support. He has stepped up and is sending out messages to chapter members for the meeting Saturday. Its a group thing… Who’z next???:smiley:

Thanks Steven :slight_smile: See ya Saturday morning.

Yeah, thanks Steven for letting the plinking cat out of the bag . . . :frowning:

Not too often I can successfully string Dom the Guru along!!:wink:

Who, me, Hank???
:smiley: :shock: :wink: