15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own. Please proof this new inspection article.


Nick I like it, but I think you missed a great opportuinty (not like you) to include the INACHI Home Owner book as one of the tools…

I hate when someone out markets me! :smiley:

Blind pig and an acorn Nick…:smiley: But where do you think I picked it up??? :wink:

and someone is already in front of you with the idea Nick.


And of course with Brian’s post, the home owner would really have something to brag about.

Home Owners ToolBag for Everyday Survival


Many of the inspection articles are for members to put on their sites. They are specifically designed to improve their search engine optimization. This one in particular should work well for you.

Add, one large aerosol can of automobile rubberized undercoating. It fixes small (and some not so small) leaks in roofs in a driving rain. It displaces water and dries dang near instantly, expands into the fill all the voids and cracks. Emergency roof patch in a can. Just don’t get any on your fingers or hands It has to wear off and looks like you got some kind of horrid disease.


There are two things I can’t do without. Duct Tape and WD-40.

The WD-40 is for thing that don’t move, that should.

The Duct Tape is for things that move, that shouldn’t.


Plus is makes a damn nice & manly cologne.:wink:

Note: you ever notice the only thing duct tape aint’ worth a damn at is repairing HVAC ducting. As soon as it gets hot it lets go and drops off.

WD-40 is also great for arthritis. My dad swore by it.

WD-40 for sure. Not sure why you would need a caulking gun when in todays market you can get squeeze tubes of various sealants. If you do include the caulking gun in the list then you should also include caulk. What about a medium size tarp or plastic sheathing?

Nick, Nick, Nick. You forgot Duct Tape. It is a well known fix all…:mrgreen:

It was #15 on his list. I guess you would have had to read the whole thing. :wink:

So…Nick…Can you get some of these kits for a good price as a freebie for our clients? Thats the marketing Idea that I see out of this.

Good Idea, but better add the book to the package.

Anyone know what WD-40 stands for?

Water Displacement40th attempt.:mrgreen:

I knew you would have it!!! :wink:

Dictionary had it Peter. ha. ha.

Along with this saying, “If it is stuck and shouldn’t be,WD-40 it. It if is unstuck and shouldn’t be, duct tape it.”:mrgreen: