What's in your Inspection Toolbox?

I am putting something together and need some help, please.

I need to know what are the most common inspection tools (instruments, gauges, meters, etc.) that you guys use (brand not necessary) PLUS a description of what each of those tools do, tests for, etc. Photographic references would be wonderful, as well.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again!!!

Most used tools in order:

Brain (to decide what needs to be communicated)
Words (to communicate)
Camera (to take pictures)
Stinger flashlight (to shed light in dark places)
3 prong electrical tester (polarity, grounding, GFCI)
Digital Thermometer (water temp, frig, stove)
Screw driver / drill driver (probe, accessing electrical panels)
2 prong moisture meter (testing moisture stains)
Tape measure (to measure things)
Binoculars (viewing tall roofs from ground)
Hex heads for drill driver (accessing some furnaces)
House slippers (for inside use, when the work shoes are muddy/dirty)

OOPS forgot the ladders, one extension for roof, one step for attics.

Thanks, Mark.

Close enough.

Though I prefer a reliable ratchet screw driver to a power drill.
Most use a infra red thermometer
Stinger is a brand name and I prefer my 96 LED Mag light.
Same batteries for two months now and reliable.
My most important tool as of late is My Tiff which pinpoints gas leaks, which I have been getting lately.

Bob… I understand this can help you with that :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

Robert…sorry for the thread drift :smiley:

Yes that is in my tool bag at the bottom.
With out it ,they would pay more attention to my crack while checking the sink cabinet.
Oppps more thread drift.


I agree with Mark’s list and would add the following as well:
Tool pouch or bag or box (to carry tools)
Computer (for reporting software)
Water pressure gauge (to measure water pressure at outdoor tap)
Volt sensor (just to test quickly for any power at outlet or switch)
Two prong voltage tester (able to test for 120 or 220v)
And something I use that was given to me at one of the NACHI training classes, a mircowave oven tester

My #1 tool is a long handled flat head screw driver. I kill bugs, defend myself against dogs, I even slung a snake away one time with it. I remove panels, find deteriorated wood with it and even dig out weep holes with it. I use it to flush toilets (remember people wash after they go), clear brush away from areas I need to reach, and I even once used it to dig a old silver dollar out of a crack in a basement floor of a HUD House.

Oooo :ack!:, I never thought of that. That does remind me though, I do carry hand sanitizer in the tool bag. I usually use it as a disinfectant when I get small cuts, but I have a feeling I’ll be using it more.:mrgreen:

I wear blue nitrile gloves when inspecting bathrooms, nasty kitchens, and other questionable locations. :shock:

Some of these are a little over kill.
Micro tester?
Volt sniffer ( give that one)
Laptop ( only if you are the minority that does them on site) (check the polls)

I always say give me my camera , screwdriver and some duct tape.

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Not sure what the duct tape is for but a tape measure comes in handy for many things.:wink:

I just like duct tape.

I can measure most things with no tape measure.
Fist for stair spacing,finger tip to finger tip for 6 foot
Foot for a foot and so on.

So do I but I just don’t know what I would do with it on an inspection unless I wanted to wrap the muzzle of a barking dog.:wink:

It is for all the things you break during the inspection.
All kidding aside I wish it was in my bag when I killed gas to a Water heater yesterday.
Hate to think some dummy might not understand my sign.


Awl or Ice Pick
Spare Camera & Batteries
Spare Light & Batteries
Tic Trace (Paul Abernathy & NACHI Supplied)
Large Marble or Golf Ball
Paper Nuisance Dust Masks
Paper Towels
Small Hand Towels
Hand Sanitizer and Wypall Hand Wipes


I got a suggestion from my wife a while back about getting marks off of walls. She suggested Mr Clean Magic Erase. I threw one in my tool pail and it works great. Works better than any paper towel or regular towel I have ever used. You can get them in 4 packs, so you always have a spare. This way when I smudge up a wall or scuttlehatch, I wipe it down when I’m done and it looks good, and quicker and easier. I know this doesn’t count as a TOOL but it might be helpful to some.


That is hilarious!!

Apron and iron???