1928 Bomb

I inspected a 1928 constructed home this last month that Will Rogers and Wiley Post used to hang out in the basement in the wild and free days when drinking was prohibited in this state. The boiler was the original 1928 model and was still in use. This unit was probally the most unsafe unit that I have ever observed. There were no safety’s installed except for a low water cut out and it was not functional. No relief valves installed. No water level controls it had to be manually filled according to sight glass level. The pilot light was a manual operated non-rising stem type valve. The pilot light was simply a 3/8 line that wyed off to each side of the firebox for the two rows of burners and if the pilot ever extinguished the gas continued to fill the burner chamber. I honestly do not know how this boiler functioned this many years with no explosion as the domestic gas fired water heater was located within 6 feet of this boiler??? This unit had been serviced many years by a local contactor and no modern controls had ever been added for safety.

What no picture Charley?:frowning:

Sorry Brian
I wished I had taken pics that was sure a classic but was on a tight schedule that day my inspections were 75 miles apart.