Oldest Furnace

I have seen older furnaces than this one but not still in operation

1943 and still operating

Here’s a boiler I inspected that was still in operation. MFG 1937.

1937 Boiler.jpg

It prolly had a cast iron heat exchanger that last forever. 1937 was that the year you were born:p

HAHA, no I’m only 39 :wink:

The homeowner did a great job painting all the asbestos battleship gray. All the asbestos on the distribution lines was wrapped in duct tape too. :twisted:

Peter, I thought you were older than me??

Why, are you 38 ? :smiley:

Saw this one in June. No data plate but home was built in early 1930’s. Still functioning.

So Charlie did you have a flash back , and remembered when you first saw that model when it was installed new ?

I have seen that type in Enid Ok historical district but were not operational

No flash back it was actually MFG 2 years before I was in the oven. I am a 45 model;-)

lol Just teasing you know some on here think you are older than dirt :wink:

Wisdom comes with age:D:D:D:D:D Sticks and stones;-)

Don’t those things have some sort of safety issue and should be replaced? I can’t remember what the type is, but I remember seeing the information in some of my training.

Nevermind. I found the info. It’s a gravity furnace. Very inefficient, but no major safety issues apart from potential asbestos and carbon monoxide issues. https://www.nachi.org/gravity-furnace-inspection.htm