1953 Heinemann Panel

I am trying to find information about this enclosure and service amperage for this home that my brother in law is interested in. Nothing in the home appears to have been updated, and even the meter might be original, even though xcel has been very active replacing them around here. The Heinemann enclosure beside the meter only has two 35 amp breakers in it, I was told they are magnetic hydraulic breakers. The last picture is the subpanel inside. Any information is appreciated!

And if anyone knows or can make out the name on the subpanel that would be helpful as well.

Subpanel is a Zinsco.

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Regardless what Brand it is, it is all obsolete and your client/brother should plan on upgrading it all.
In fact, his homeowners insurance may be dependent on it!


Completely agree, and the insurance will definitely be a concern as well.

Double check on that. Frequently, insurance never asks about the panel or wiring.

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They actual always do here in Florida. Coming soon to a State near you too, I imagine…

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