Magnetrip panels ?? (aka: Zinsco ????)

I inspected a house built in 1958 today and it had a Magnetrip panel with a 60-amp main breaker. All copper service (supply and branch).

No obvious problems with panel.

I was doing a quick search on the web regarding same and the Inspect-NY site seems to link it to being a Zinsco panel … with another name.

Any input?

Yep…here is an image for you…look familiar…note the name on the side of it…


Tnx here and at TIJ as well.

Input most appreciated.

No problem my brother…thats what I am here for…:slight_smile:

Zinsco patented the name “Magnatrip” as a reference to the “technology” used to open the circuit breaker. This was during the transition years from fuses to breakers.

And there you have it…From Mr.Zinsco Pope himself…:wink: